Use of CBD for releasing pain

Diseases related to regenerative medicine treatment include pain and muscle spasms in patientsh ave spinal cord lesions and hemiplegia from a stroke. No research reports support the results of the treatment of Cannabis for the treatment of various diseases in Thailand for research abroad. Found that a study by Stocking (2018)1 reviewed various studies. (Systematic review and meta-analysis), which included studies on the effects of Cannabis in the treatment of neuropathic pain, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis-related pain, visceral pain, and undefined (chronic pain) found that CBD kaufen can significantly reduce chronic pain statistically significant when specific groups of patients had spinal cord lesions. Research by da Rovare (2017).

Conduct the study by reviewing the research. In patients with lesionsof multiple sclerosis or paraplegia, there is no clear evidence that Cannabis can reduce spasms muscle and pain in patients. of this study There is also a difference types and sizes of Cannabis It is used to treat spasticity and pain. Which should Many more research studies have been done on the disease.

Hemiplegia due to stroke Marijuana use is not recommended because severe side effects have been reported, including:

Recurrent stroke. In summary, Cannabis may be used to treat specific ailments or regenerative medicine conditions. but still want study more And be aware of severe complications from medicinal cannabis use.

Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists of Thailand

Cannabis use during pregnancy and lactation Cannabis (marijuana), scientifically known as Cannabis sativa, has no information on its quantity. Amount or quantity use in pregnant Thai women, reports of foreign countries found It is used during pregnancy and lactation, 2%. Up to 5 countries where legal use is permitted. Will be used more and more, which may be as high as 15 percent up to 28%, especially among younger women. Out of town, socioeconomic status is often used in such groups.

Continued throughout pregnancy with the belief that it is safer than smoking, But if assessed from the group that has been used in the past one year before pregnancy will find a higher number than this. The use of marijuana in this group may be similar to that of the others, namely for medical purposes (medicinal properties of CBD kaufen) and other purposes such as social and recreation, etc.

It is known that the active substances in Cannabis, collectively known as cannabinoids, also act on the nervous system.Cannabinoids are absorbed into the body through methods such as through the lungs when pumped. through the gastrointestinal tract when used orally Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is small and well absorbed by fat molecules. then the sample is distributed fast to the brain, which is also composed of fat. THC is destroyed in the liver and has a half-life of 1 to 4 days, depending on the amount. Previously used in laboratory animals, THC was able to pass the placenta, resulting in fetal blood levels of about 10% of a maternal level.

Still, if used repeatedly, the level will be higher. There are some reports, but there are limitations. Limited that it can also be detected in breast milk. Assessment of How Cannabis affects pregnancy and the unborn baby is quite tricky because of the main point that is, pregnant women who use marijuana are more likely to use other substances, such as cigarettes or other addictive substances, making it impossible to assess whether they are pregnant or not.

The effects of Cannabis or as a result of other substances

Pregnancy, such as affecting mood, nervous system, and indirectly affecting causing harm to childrenThe effects of Cannabis on pregnancy and infants in laboratory animals showed that to hinder the development of tissues brain and brain function cause learning disabilities and a tendency to use either drug. Accessible in the future. It also affects the function of the perception of the eye in various aspects—effects on behavior. As for the school performance of these children, it is unclear whether they are inferior or not, and the consequences for their disabilities are unclear. Or likely to be no different from those who did not use Cannabis.

ACOG has released an academic review for this matter as follows:

Before pregnancy or the first trimester, We should ask all pregnant women about using these substances, such as cigarettes.Alcohol, including marijuana and other drugs that are not used for medicinal purposes

  • If CBD kaufen use is found, it should be suggested that it may adversely affect the fetus and pregnancy.
  • If you are trying to get pregnant, stop using these substances first.
  • If you ever used marijuana as a drug according to the original understanding, choose a different drug instead.
  • There is little information about Cannabis in breast milk; however, use it for now. should have a better effect.

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