We All Should Have A Cherry Tree In Our Garden

Do you have a cherry tree growing in your garden? If not, you should do your best to add one.

We can all agree that cherry blossom is gorgeous. It is the one blossom that makes us all stop for a moment and look. Of course, in Japan, cherry blossoms are revered. The nation would simply not be anywhere without its cherry blossoms. But, did you know that it was an Englishman that saved Japan’s cherry trees? Yes, it is true. Japan would not have any cherry trees if it was not for Collingwood Ingram.

Reasons You Grow Cherries in Your Garden

One of the main reasons, you should grow cherry trees in your garden is because they are second-to-none when it comes to attracting pollinators.

Cherry trees are often the first fruit trees to bloom in the spring. Their delicious scent seem to “wake up” other pollinators and attract them out of their hiding places.

If you have a cherry tree in your garden, you may find that other fruit trees soon follow with their blossoms when your cherry tree is coming to the end of its blossoming reign.

Cherries Are Good For You

Cherries beat other fruits hands down when it comes to its antioxidant value. It is that wonderful deep red colour that indicates that your cherry tree is busy producing antioxidant rich fruits.

The volume of fruit that a cherry tree produce is hard to beat. Even a small tree in a small garden or terrace will produce an astonishing number of fruits.

Cherries Have Many Uses

Needless to say, if you have not sprayed your tree, you can eat your cherries direct from the tree.

But, there is more to cherries than meets the eye. You can also turn cherries into delicious jams and juice.

Cherries baked in a pie with a helping of vanilla ice cream or fresh cream is a match made in heaven. It is the perfect flavour combination.

Disease Free

When you buy cherry trees, you should also know that they are relatively disease free. They are seldom troubled by pests and fungal diseases.

They are the perfect fruit tree for the low maintenance modern garden or allotment.

Final Thoughts

Leading grower CRJ Fruit Trees sell many varieties. When you feel the choice at your local garden center is limited, going to and buying direct from a specialist fruit tree grower is an excellent idea. Not only can you select unique varieties, but you can also benefit from years of experience.

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