Website Design Trends Of 2021

Each year the web design trends that are introduced just get better and better. When we look at the 2021 trends, they are seen to be following a common theme and that is realism. It’s not “hi-tech fancy” in the least. One could even say it’s the perfect blend of ordinary and digital. And let’s not forget that a lot of this has to do because of 2020 and how most people spend their entire working day on zoom meetings or just simply looking at their screens. 2020 caused web designers to really step outside the box in terms of the practicality of it all. For now, all people truly want is an easy-to-use website with high functionality and that can perform well. This will probably also be the lasting trend towards the end of this year.

Let’s now move into see the various website design trends of 2021.

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1. Comfortable Colors

As mentioned above most of the world spent their working days indoors, at home. Given the increased time people were spending looking at a screen, it is but obvious that you would strain your eyes in the process. This is where web designers came in and starting taking note of the color schemes of websites to make it easier on people’s eyes. You would have noticed how the option of “dark mode” is now everywhere, no matter which app you use. The advantage of the dark mode is that it is able to counteract the whiteness that normally dominates the screen. Now web designers have also started to look at a more neutral colour palette, and lots of pastels and warm tones. All these colors help in making the website look less jarring to the human eye and are a natural way to include relaxation.

2. Scrolling Transformation

When you as a user are scrolling up and down any kind of web page, you are doing more than just scrolling, you are actually navigating and iterating with the website. You are doing an act either by flicking your fingers over the screen or with the help of the mouse, but in turn, you are getting a response from the screen itself. The aim of any website is for its user to interact and for them to gain engagement through this. And scrolling is one of the easiest forms of achieving this. Web designers are making it so that each time a user scrolls it feels like they are on a new page. They are taking the help of various tools for this like animation, shifts in the layout, color scheme, etc.

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3. Retro Fonts

Another great thing that is making a comeback and considered cool again is retro fonts. Many designers are now using this font to show more vintage typography on their websites. We can now see them on many promotional ads for companies as well. And don’t go around thinking that it may look cliche at this point, in fact, many are feeling like this font is a great transition front the old.

4. 3D Visuals

With the introduction of screens with higher resolution, 3D designs can now be seen everywhere and have also come a long way from when one could only go to the cinemas to get such an experience. 3D can be seen adding a whole new layer to the user experience.

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5. Design On The Basis Of Preference

What web development always strives to do is make the experience for the user as personalized as they can. Whether this is a toggle for either light/dark mode or sites appearances or navigation to one tailored preference. Designers are focusing a lot of their attention on making sure that their algorithms are as user-centered as they can be. And in the future, we will see a lot more of this.

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