What do viewers want from your product demo video?

People prefer watching videos 80 percent more than reading any written content. This has increased the need to create video content for every business. To promote your business and increase sales of your product you should consider making video content. There are two types of videos created for your marketing and sales promotion. One is an explainer or startup video, and the other one is a demo or demonstration video.

Difference between an explainer video and demo video:

Let us not get confused with both these types by their names and have a look at the difference between them.

Explainer video

This is a short video made for delivering your business idea to the viewers. It can be animated or made with live-action.

Demo video

The demo video or demonstration video is made specifically to explain the product’s benefits and features to your viewers.

Why should you make a demo video?

This demonstration video is a good way to show what your product offers and what is it made for. Without practically showing the product to the customers you can virtually tell the pros and cons of your product to the viewers by the demo videos. You can also demonstrate how your product can be differentiated from the competitive products in the market.

Benefits of demo video:

A demonstration video can have multiple benefits for your business and especially your products. Here we are discussing a few advantages of a demonstration video.

Increase sales:

Having made a demo video increases your chance of sales. This is a great way to market your product to the right customers. The viewers will get to know your product better with demo video and this will be bringing more sales for sure.

Productivity boost:

The sales video does not require any salesperson to travel all the way and explain to your potential customers in person what does your product does? And when you launch the video before in-person marketing, then the marketing work is halfway done through the video.

Customer insight: When you present the demo video to your potential customers you get to know their feedback. This feedback helps you construct a proper marketing plan and even make necessary changes in the product to make it more useful for the users.

Confidence building: The video description elaborates your product more than the written or image content. When the product is virtually shown to the consumers they can make decisions about buying the product more confidently. This builds their trust in your product.

Who will make a demo video?

There are two choices for you when it gets to video making for your product.

Hire a professional:

If you choose to get the video made professionally you can get it done by many professionals available in the market. If you take our word, you can consider BuzzFlick, an animation company. They can get the video made as per your requirement.

Create the video on your own:

If you consider the option of making your own product demonstration video you can find many Best product demo videos online which can help you in creating an engaging and interesting demo video for your product.

Steps of making a demo video:

If you are spending money and efforts on making the video, then why not make it perfect. You should follow the following steps to make a demonstration video perfectly. This will bring the most out of it.


The first step is to find your target audience for whom the product is made. When you have identified your potential consumers then you can create well-describing content.


Now discuss the key features of your product. Remember to keep your focus on presenting forth the benefits it provides. Because it’s the benefits which the customers are after. The description of the product should be catchy enough for the customers to get interested in your product immediately.


Every product is launched to solve any issue in the lives of people. So when they are looking at a product they want to know how your product can solve their problem.


The major difference between the written content and video is that a video shows what content is all about. Video has the advantage of depicting the features and benefits of the product to your viewers in a more elaborative way.

Video length:

This is a very important point to ponder. Video length is an important aspect of creating video length. Demonstration videos should not be lengthy. In fact, their ideal length is between 1 to 2 minutes. They should not be longer than 2 minutes otherwise it will lose the interest of the viewer, which is not going to benefit you at all.

Be realistic:

Whatever you show to your audience make sure it is truth-based. Do not ever misguide your viewers. You will lose your customer’s trust this way. Just show exactly what your product does and do not exaggerate its components and features.

Bottom line

Creating a product demonstration video is not a tricky job. Simply keep the above-mentioned steps in your mind, it will help you in creating outstanding content. Do not forget this while making your demo video that your product video should not contain each and every answer related to your product. You are making the video to give insight into your product but not to give away every single detail about your thing. The phrase “more is better” does not work here. If you give away every single piece of information about your product they would not have any reason left to contact you. And you will lose the chance to get in contact with your potential customer and also the chance to make a sale as well.

If you are looking for the Best product demo videos to be made for your company’s product then we suggest BuzzFlick, an animation company, can make an eye catchy demonstration video for your product.

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