What features to consider when buying a portable air conditioner


Air conditioning units can be costly. The more advanced features a portable AC unit has, the more it costs. Cheap could prove to be more expensive or frustrating you in the long run. As a user who expects quality, you should budget for a unit with better features such as noise reduction, maneuverability and mobility, and less power consumption.

Effectiveness of the portable AC

Portable AC can never be as effective as the centrally placed conditioning units, but they can control and regulate room temperatures to a point we feel comfortable. The effectiveness of a portable AC unit is determined by factors such as,

Location of the unit

It should be strategically placed clear of hindrance and blockage to ensure maximum effectiveness. The hose should be placed near open windows or air vents to ensure airflow without blockage.

Size of the room

Portable air conditioners are specifically made for smaller rooms ranging from four hundred to six hundred feet. If a portable AC unit were to be placed in a larger room, it would be less effective.

Keeping the doors shut

Having a portable air conditioner is to cool warm air in the room and reduce humidity. However, if you keep the doors open, the AC unit will be fighting additional warm air from the outside, which reduces its effectiveness.


Portable air conditioners vary in weight, which affects their mobility and maneuverability in the long run. Lighter models afford the user more effortless mobility and maneuverability while offering limited features and performance. On the other hand, heavy-duty models from one hundred lbs. and beyond could be challenging to move around the room but offer better performance capabilities.


Some seasons can present uncomfortable conditions due to too much heat, humidity, or shallow temperatures. It is these conditions that motivate someone to try and mitigate them. A portable air conditioning unit can work wonders to solve these conditions and create the perfect living room for you while affording you movability and ease of use.

The perks of using a portable air conditioning unit are that they are ideal for small enclosed spaces, pose few to zero health risks, are great for apartments, and are cheaper to run than central installed AC units, offering cooling and dehumidification features at the same time. However, the downside to using a portable air conditioner is the noise they make, coupled with unsightly vent horses that trail from it, which could spoil house aesthetics and the room’s décor.

While portable air conditioners may not be the most perfect and practical air conditioning units compared to the centrally placed units, they regulate air temperatures and keep our working spaces comfortable; at the end of the day, they will get the work done and deliver satisfactory results. For more, check

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