What is farming? All about world agriculture

Farming is a process of working in the ground, growing crops and raising livestock. The other name of farming is agriculture or cultivation. It is one kind of business. If you raise an animal for milk or milk is also called farming. Agriculture is a great way to describe the lifestyle. 

Types of farming

Different types of farming practices in various regions across the world. It is based on multiple factors.

Top 6 types of farming practice all over the world are-

Arable farming

This farming involves growing crops only in summer seasons. It is a practice in deep and fertile soil. In the UK, arable farming is very popular.

Pastoral farming

It is the practice of rearing animals only in cold and wet climates. This lend is not ideal for growing crops. Heather and grasses can grow on the steep slopes and poor soils. Dairy farming is also practiced here.

Mixed farming

It is involved in growing crops and rearing animals at the same time and in the same place. It reduces the risk of making losses. If crops are not doing well, you can earn a lot of money from animals.

Subsistence farming

If anyone grows crops and rearing animals for personal use, then it is called subsistence farming. It is done on the focus of feeding farmers family. A few machines may be used in this kind of agriculture.

Commercial farming

It is a practice to make money. It involves growing of crops and rearing animals on a large scale.

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Nomadic farming

This kind of farming is practice on arid or semi-arid areas. Farmers are moving their animals from one place to another in search of water and food.

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Aims of farming

Farming involves rearing animals and growing crops. To produce food is an essential aim. Firming makes an excellent profit for a farmer and provides food for ordinary people. 

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