What To Consider When Buying Steel Doors

Are you building, upgrading, or renovating your home in Kenya and worrying about what type of doors to install? Then it is time to consider steel doors. In this article, you can read about some benefits of steel doors and the main factors that would affect its cost in Kenya.

Are you building or renovating your home in Kenya and worrying about what type of doors to install? Are you a business owner in Kenya trying to secure your premises? Are you especially concerned about the front and back doors of your current house or business outlets? Then it is time to consider steel doors. At this juncture, it is prudent that you learn some facts about steel doors and how they fit in with your general plan.

Why steel doors?

Below we give you the most common benefits of installing steel doors for your homes, shops, or retail outlets. They are not exhaustive by any means but would suffice if you are a first-time buyer of steel doors, a novice of building construction materials, or even someone who is just looking for more information.

Peace of mind: Cases of burglary in Kenya keep rising.The most crucial security feature of a house is the entry doors.In Kenya, installing a steel door is the norm to ensure and maintain your home security. These security features in homes are burglar-proof and will keep you safe for a very long time. Not only are they strong, but they are also beautiful.

Value for money: In the frame and door industry, steel offers the best value for money in the long run. It requires practically no repairs, is stronger than any other type of door, and lasts longer. Besides, the natural strength of steel outperforms all other type fire rating,sound reduction, vandal resistance, and sanitation.No other materials match the longevityand strengthof steel doors.

Low ownership cost: A byproduct of the durability and strength of steel doors is the low ownership cost. Properly maintained and installed steel doors often last for about 30 years if not longer. After that, they can be repaired inexpensively whereas other material doors need replacement.

How much?

The benefits of steel doors far outstrip that of other kinds of doors. And you might be inclined to seriously consider them. But we know that you might also be wondering what the cost of steel doors would be and whether it would be within your budget.Some factors that would affect its price in Kenya are given below.

  • Precision: Some houses have steel doors installed improperly that they must be pulled so hard just to open and close. That is so because those doors lack precision. This affects the integrity of the steel doors. Steel doors that are precise are made using high-quality equipment and steel to ensure detailed precision. These doors are made to fit in precisely so that all gaps are covered.
  • Energy-efficiency: Energy-efficiency is the buzzword these words! Compared to other kinds of doors, steel doors are recognized to be more energy efficient. The efficiency ratings of steel doors depend on the overall construction and glazing options. Therefore, the steel doors prices in Kenya will vary based on the energy star certification.
  • Customization: The versatility of steel can meet your aesthetic requirements. You can customize your steel doors to look the way you wish. They can be decorated to make them match the décor, style, and colorof your home. The doors can also be painted in colors from earth tones to bright red to wood grain. You can also have a window installed for that extra flair.


Given the various benefits and price factors, we hope that you are in a much better place now than before to decide about your purchase of steel doors. However, there’s nothing that should stop you from doing more research about steel doors.

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