What to look for when purchasing a car parking shade

In this 21st-century road transport has emerged to be the most preferred and relatively cheaper means of transport thus the need to buy cars has arisen. This article majorly is about car parking shades since there is a need to protect the car from any physical factor that may affect it.

What is a car parking shade?

Perhaps it is the first time you are reading about a car parking shade and that is why it is prudent if we can get to know its meaning. A car packing shade is usually a structure that houses a car when not in use, maybe a tent or something like an umbrella but large and it can also be a hand-built structure.

Why use a car parking shade

Maybe this question is ringing in your mind: if the car itself has an outer layer covering the inside, why is it necessary to have a shade for your car in the parking area?. The car parking shade is necessary because it protects your car from harmful ultraviolet rays, heavy rain, and even hot sun that will damage your car.

Effects of not using a car parking shade

1. Fading

In case you expose your car to the ultra-violet rays, heavy rain, or very strong sun, there is the likelihood that your car’s color will start fading away and it is alleged that when black cars are usually left open to the very hot sun they fade because the black color absorbs much heat which aid fading, unlike white cars that reflect the light.

2. Cracking

Strong heat from the sun is said to cause cracking on your car if there is no parking shade, especially the door handles.


This factor is almost inseparable from any buyer because one has to consider whether he or she has the power to purchase it, usually, car parking shades prices in Kenya vary depending on their types and their manufacturers.

Size of your car

This is another important factor to put into consideration before spending on any kind of car parking shade, you have to know the dimensions of your car and even measure them to determine whether that particular parking shade is fitting the size of your car, it should not be too small that leaves some part of the car exposed or not too large in that your car is covered well.


This is also another factor you can consider, maybe you put much emphasis on the eye appeal of the shade thus you need to choose between different car parking shades to determine the most beautiful one.


Another key aspect to put into consideration, everyone will like buying a car parking shade that will last for the longest time possible hence one has to research and be aware of a car parking shade manufacturer who uses the longest-lasting materials.


To crown it all, since all good cars come with a great sacrifice in terms of money, you should consider buying a car parking shade to protect it from harmful environmental factors like heavy rain, dust, ultra-violet rays, and strong sun that may see you incur extra maintenance costs.

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