When Should I Register For NEET? Tips To Crack The Exam

The National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test is one of the most competitive examinations which paves the way for the most prestigious educational institutions related to medical sciences in our country. Students have to start preparation for this exam well in advance due to the vast syllabus that has to be covered meticulously for getting their dream college. The whole process right from the preparation to the registration and commencement of the examination requires adequate focus, perseverance and composure. You should be aware of the notifications issued by the National Testing Agency (NTA) regarding the registration and eligibility for this examination. If you want to crack this exam, you need to follow the following tips to pave the way to your successful career by securing a seat in a prestigious medical institution. 

The tips include:

  • Be Thorough with the Syllabus because the syllabus is extensive thus, it becomes important to know about the topics, sections, chapters and concepts in and more : world247zone
  • Make a Time Table and follow it regularly. Due to the huge length of the syllabus, it is essential to manage your time wisely and judiciously and devote adequate time to each topic. A well-prepared timetable will inculcate notions of discipline and sincerity. Moreover, try to insert your favourite hobby at intervals so that your mind is refreshed and you can concentrate when you study.
  • Target the NCERT Syllabus because NEET is based upon the NCERT syllabus. Read NCERT textbooks regularly as they clear the doubts and make your basic concepts more concrete. Stay updated on the exam pattern and focus on the weightage of each chapter. You can mark the weightage of each chapter in the textbook itself. 
  • Cover the Important Topics in Depth because they will demand more time and concentration. You can apply a mix and match strategy, cover an easy topic first and then move on to the difficult topic and so on. It is suggested that you figure out your strengths and weaknesses yourself because no strategy of preparation can work for all students. Every person has separate capacities, capabilities, attention span etc. So, personalize your study strategy considering your here for  more : kingnewsweb
  • Prepare Notes daily as soon as you finish a particular topic, write the important points in a separate notebook and make it a habit to write as much as you can. It is a fact that topics can be retained for a longer period in your memory if you write about them daily.
  • Adopt a Question-Based Approach and try to solve as many questions related to a topic as possible after finishing any particular topic. Focusing on the theoretical portion will waste your precious time which can be easily utilized by practising more and more questions. 
  • Go through the Sample Papers and Previous Year Question Papers to get a fair idea about the kind, type of questions that are asked in the examination and plan your study strategy accordingly. Sample question papers for NEET and previous year question papers turn out to be very useful in the NEET preparation. 
  • Attempt Mock Tests for additional practice because it will help in assessing your performance and also determine whether your study strategy is working in your favour or not. You have to keep a check on the status of your preparation and mock tests will provide you with a clear picture about the same. 
  • Analyse your Mock Tests because a detailed analysis of the mock tests will help you identify your mistakes and work upon them. You can avoid committing those mistakes in the examination and revise those topics which need brushing up. NEET is not only an entrance examination but tests your patience to its fullest. So you need to remain focused during the whole course of here for  more : ifvod

The following tips should be followed for a short period of time remaining for your examination. These include:  

  • Limit down the Distractions because you need to study with full concentration and undivided attention. Identify your distractions and prepare yourself to limit them one by one. The single source of unprecedented distraction is kept in your pocket. Yes, you guessed it right, your Mobile Phone. Try to limit the use of electronics and progressively stop using them altogether. Instead, try to incorporate various hobbies that refresh your mind and don’t create an unnecessary distraction.
  • Eating a Balanced Diet and Proper Sleep is very important because your body needs sufficient time to rest and proper nutrition to balance between study and leisure hours. Lack of sleep can cause anxiety, irritation, and headaches which will ultimately hinder your attention span. A poor diet will also hamper your concentration levels and make you feel drowsy and lethargic. So eat a balanced diet and try to sleep for a minimum of 8 hours and not less than 6 hours in a day.
  • Revise from your Notes instead of reading from the textbooks all over again. So you must prepare your notes in such a manner that you don’t need to refer to any book and your notes are more than enough for your revision.Visit here : kingnews33

These are the tips you should follow during the examination:

  • Attempt the subject you are confident about First because it will develop self-confidence and the chances of tackling more difficult questions increase subsequently. Moreover, it will enhance your speed and provide a flow to the answer as a result of which you will be able to complete the paper in a smooth manner. 
  •  Beware of the Trap of Negative Marking because students can lose significant marks if they try to restrict themselves to more guesswork. If you are not sure about any question, it is suggested that you avoid attempting it.
  • Remain Calm and Composed during the Exam because you are likely to commit silly mistakes as a result of anxiety and haste which can ultimately hinder your overall performance. So, remain calm and attempt the exam with full attention and concentration.

So, these were the tips that you can follow to crack the NEET examination. Even though it is a highly competitive examination and lakhs of students register for the same, if you remain focused on your goal, you are definitely going to crack it!

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 Wishing You Good Luck with your Examination!! 

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