Which age group prefers video slots?

Every online slots punter knows that you have to be over 18 to start playing slots, but after that, it is hard to know who likes slot games the most – play at

 Is it the oldies who have been in the game for almost a century, know their way around that leaver like it is the back of their hand, and who have seen countless wins over their lifetime? Or is it those who have just started out and discovered that there is an easy way to make a quick buck, have a good laugh, and hopefully come out the end a lot richer than when they started?

Whoever it is, we are here to uncover which age group prefers the video slots the most and what that might mean for a player like you. Do you want to take on the old dogs and show them a few new tricks or play the youngsters and show your experience!

What are the classic age groups’ views on video slots?

You may be thinking that there is an obvious answer to this question, but when we throw the spanner or video slots into the equation, it can be harder to determine who is into the slots the most.

Here is what people from different age groups tend to think about the video slots:

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  • Young Ones (18+) – Our relatively young ones. Surely they must know nothing about online slot gaming as the oldies have had them around for years! It could be argued that this young age group may know more than you think because of the online element. They are used to seeing wacky phone games and other forms of igaming that they might just have that inherent upper hand.
  • The Middle Age – Real-life connotations to middle age matter not when trying your hand at the video slots. The middle age may be those who prefer the games the most because usually, the games hark back to a time when video games were just starting out. They played asteroids as a kid and now it is their turn to bite back!
  • he Oldies – Our veterans of the igaming scene. They have been at the slots since they were born, and they are certainly not leaving. This age group might be the best at video slots because they know how to play them and they know how to beat them!

The statistics

It is all well and good deciding which age group prefers playing video slots based on hearsay and conjecture, but we have some hard facts coming straight from a number of surveys so that you can know the truth!

  1. In the UK, generally, those ages between 18 and 24, and those older than 64, played video slots the least. Possibly they simply have better things to be doing!
  2.  The most playing age group would be the 35-44-year-olds. Maybe the culture of online slots is with them from their parents, yet they might be a bit too wise to be passing it down to their kin.

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