Which Country is the Slots Online King? 

Slots are by far the most popular form of online casino. In an online gambling industry worth over $50 billion worldwide, slots make up for over half of this number. In most countries, slots are the most played form of online casino games, and for good reason! 

Slots including the top slot releases of 2021 have the largest variety of themes, making them more versatile so that players don’t get bored of them as quickly. Plus, they have some of the highest RTPs (return to player percentage) which means that players are less likely to lose money and more likely to win money than in other forms of online casino.

As much as most countries love online slot games, there is always going to be one country that loves them more than all of the rest. But who exactly is it? Let’s go find out. 

What Makes the Slots Online King? 

There are a few different criteria that apply when deciding who we can call the slots online king. The primary one of these is going to be how many people in the countries play slots, as a percentage of the overall population of the country. 

As well as this, we can look at how much money the slots industry is worth in terms of money for each country, plus which country has the most online slots and games as well. 

So without further ado, allow us to conclude our research in these fields so that we can tell you once and for all, which country is the slots online king. 

Which Country can we Say is the Slots Online King? 

We think that, overall, the country that is the king of slot games is Australia. Why? Because of the Australian population, a massive 80% (or even more, according to some statistics sites) play online casino games out there, or have done in the past year to be more accurate. 

Of these 80%, the vast majority play online slots specifically, which means that the percentage of Australian people who play online slot games is much greater than the likes of the UK, USA and the rest of the world. 

Australian gambling does not make quite as much money as the UK and USA for example, but that is mostly because of the fact that the population is not as large. 

The UK has more slots sites and games, so we think that it is fair to say that the UK is a close second place. Similarly, the USA has a pretty decent output, so we are going to rank them third. 

Has the Slots Online King Changed Over the Years? And Will it Change Again? 

According to our research, the Australians have technically been the kings of online slots for quite a few years, and because of this, we think that it is likely that they will stay at the top for years to come. That’s not to say that they will never be de-throned. Stranger things have most certainly happened.

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