Why A Full Body Work-out is Better Than Targeting Specific Areas

After weeks of gazing at your reflection in the mirror, silently contemplating the flab bulging at the edges of the dress you have worn, you decide to go to the gym to build your dream physique. You start off by targeting a different body part each day. And then suddenly, life happens! 

Despite the commitment and intention to keep on strengthening with this targeted workout, it can be a tall order. However, you are not out of options or hope. Whole body workouts can help bring about dramatic results without you having to focus on a single body part. A full-body vibration exercise machine can be your knight in the shining armor. Along with slimming and toning your entire body, vibration brings you a host of other health and beauty benefits. 

Boasting about the pain and gain of leg day or intense arm day is limited to buffness; complete full-body workouts benefit you for plenty of reasons. 

Fires up More of Your Fat in Less Time

Time efficiency is important in every area of our lives, including the gym. With a whole-body workout, more fat melts away in less time as muscle groups work together, boosting metabolism and requiring more energy. One short session targets every part of your body, trimming and toning it from top to bottom, inside to outside, giving you the lean and strong body you wish for. You can learn more about its benefits by reading the whole-body vibration book and its many other parts, written by WBV expert Becky Chambers.

More Muscle Build Up

Isolation work is important for building muscle mass, though muscle hypertrophy is not everyone’s goal. Also, overzealous isolation work once a week is not the best way to gain strength and mass. Full-body training can target any given muscle group, and as there are full-body vibration machines designed for the home, you can do this type of workout daily with comfort and convenience. The result is more rapid muscle growth and strength improvements.

More Strength

For those who work out to get stronger, it is important that you perform movements that make use of additional weights. Compound exercises such as a deadlift, bench press variations, and squats require total-body effort and exertion. When you include all these exercises in your workout program, you can continuously challenge your body and build strength. 

Increases Workout Efficiency

Another major benefit of whole-body vibration exercise is that even in a short time, it stimulates all the muscles in your body. When you are on a vibration machine, automatically the vibration will travel throughout your whole body, stimulating every part of you. Unlike a single-joint exercise preformed on the floor or with weights alone, exercising on a vibration machine will target many more muscles in your body. You can get more done in a small amount of time – instead of an extra set of forearm extensions or bicep curls, you can perform movements that will give you full body results! 

More Flexibility

With whole-body training, you can work out anytime and in a short amount of time. Using a vibration machine you can stimulate all your muscles in a single work-out that would otherwise take two or three conventional isolation-based workouts. Thus, you can squeeze in your training in a busy schedule without neglecting your strength training. 

A whole-body workout is more effective and beneficial compared to the targeted conventional exercises. You can take your work out regime a step further by using a vibration exercise machine for your workout. You can learn more about working out on a whole-body vibration exercise machine by reading the books authored by Becky Chambers on the topic. 

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