Why are Balustrades Perfect for Residential and Commercial Buildings in Sydney?

Living in Sydney, you must keep yourself updated with the change in Australian standards for commercial and household safety. The government authorities and officials often keep changing some living standards to maintain the status, economy and lifestyle of the residents in the country. Australia, as a nation, has excellent infrastructure, and thanks to the architectural, construction and manufacturing industry for having worked hard to invent and bring new changes to meet modern needs.

Have you seen the houses constructed in Darling Point, Double Bay, Tamarama and other posh suburbs of Sydney? You would see balustrades in Sydney in all premium household and commercial buildings. The popularity of balustrading in the country has risen over recent years as Australian officials have changed various standards.

The idea of using balustrades in commercial and residential buildings is to protect the people from falls. It acts as fencing that safeguards you from slipping and falling from a height. But they are not like your typical traditional fencing. The balustrading gives a contemporary look and feel to all homes and commercial buildings in Sydney. You see them in nearly every hotel, every office and most residential facilities in NSW. So, if you are planning to install balustrading in the near future, this post will give you all the details you probably need to know.

What are the standards of balustrading set by the Australian officials?

As per the National Construction Code 2019 Building Code of Australia Vol 2 Part, it is classified that both residential and any commercial building having a balcony, stairways, verandah or a ramp can install balustrading. They must have a surface area close to, or more than 1000m, a continuous barrier such as balustrading that should protect adults and children from falling. The barrier height must not be less than 1m, and there should also be handrails for extra support.

What is a balustrading system?

The fencing or barrier created using glass panels and stainless steel is called balustrades. You get the option of choosing between frameless glass panels, semi-frame panels and full-frame glass panels. Also, the glass material and quality varies, depending on your selection. The final cost of the product will differ if you select a high-quality material.

What areas can you install balustrades?

Most residential and commercial buildings in Sydney have huge balconies, infinity pools, hanging pools, runways, and hallways. Think about any place that you would’ve installed traditional fencing to protect yourself and your loved ones.

1. Use the balustrading for balconies

A tall building with decorative glass panels and steel accessories looks stunning from a distance. Irrespective of the size of your balcony, you can install balustrading to give it an excellent look and protective fencing.

2. Pool area

The pool area covered with balustrade fencing goes with the Australian safety standards. Also, it gives you an outstanding appearance. Glass fencing clubbed with an appropriately lit pool will provide a pleasant and visually appealing vibe.

3. Staircases

For the interior of your house, glass fencing for the staircases will give an extraordinary appearance. With a steel hand rest and a tempered glass panel, you would have both safety and style. So, do check out some options for your interior and exterior staircases before you finalize anything.

When you are considering options for choosing balustrades in Sydney, don’t forget that experience matters. Companies that have been associated with the industry for several years know it better than the newcomers. So, look for trustworthy and potential manufacturers who won’t betray your trust.

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