Why are Summer Camps in Israel very Fascinating to Join in?

Over the last 13 years, after a long time, many children and teens from 7 to 18 years from throughout the globe have come to Israel to be part of Israel’s day camp insight.

To be a part of Summer Israel camps means:

You will make Jewish fellows worldwide, engage in our 40 tech studios, constantly develop near home as you get up in the beautiful Carmel Mountain every day.

Summer camps are the perfect occasion for your young people: mix innovation with friends, help your essential abilities and your self-awareness and make this mid-year meaningful.

This is done by establishing a local region and family that connects children and adolescents from different countries and languages and many areas of interest. We also open our teenagers to the example of overcoming Israeli innovation and the latest developments.

One of our most outstanding qualities is the polished methodology! We know that every camper in summer camp in Israel has an advanced, attractive experience that they will always recall, with a successful and expert group spending substantial time in global day campings and extraordinarily exclusive expectations.

Our overview

To promote a curious age that loves to study and think, equip each individual with the means to satisfy their latent capabilities, and become a hotbed for huge thinking that changes the local region, multiculturalism, and Israelism.

Capable personnel

We select excellent guides! Our employees come from Israel and various nations across the world. The guides lead the technology and media studios during the day, early evening, and evenings. For every five campers, we have a substantial proportion of 1 worker to give each child individual support.

Each of our teachers is 18 years of age or older. Our employees are undergraduates or graduates and are IDF graduates from Israel and overseas. They meet richly in day camps and other instructive projects with children and young people. Our employees are subject to a lengthy listing and directional measure point by point.

Despite our excellent guides, you will meet the heads of the unit responsible for the instructive projects, our tech group that is responsible for studios and computer organization, the camp physicians, the group of coordinators and documents which capture photos and recordings regularly at camps.


Who are the advisers?

All of the instructors of BIG IDEA are over 18, qualified, skilled, talented, mechanical and professional, who attend the camp from Israel and the world over. During the day, the teachers conduct the studios and guide the youngsters through and through social meetings. For every five camper, we maintain a close share of one staff so that every camper can stand out sufficiently to notice an uncommon meeting.

Is the camp appropriate for anyone “Shomer Shabbat”?

We assemble the program here in BIG IDEA so that everyone will feel good, whether mainstream or rigid; on Friday evening, advisors and camping staff aggregated for a beautiful, pluralistic and outstanding Kabbalat Shabbats Administration. Our venue is open for administration on the Sabbath as well as during the week for our campers.

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