Why do we love football betting

A soccer ball is a favorite toy for any boy. Since childhood, she distracted from lessons, and my mother could hardly drive home from battles against another yard. Years go by, but football continues to attract attention, becomes a real passion.Legendary Liverpool coach Bill Shankly once said that this sport is not a matter of life and death; it is much more important. But most people do not even think about the reasons for the แทงบอล popularity and worldwide recognition of football. Let’s try to ask ourselves an interesting question: why do we love it? Why does the Champions League anthem make our hearts stop repeatedly?


Throughout the development of the history of football, bright stars lit up in its firmament. Some fans enjoyed watching Maradona and Pele; others continue to follow the eternal confrontation between Messi and Ronaldo.These football players become real wizards – they motivate young boys to practice this sport, make them love the game. There is a cult character in the history of almost every team, whole stadiums names after them. Once Ronaldinho said the brightest phrase:


It’s hard to find even one day in a year when a football match isn’t play. Some national championships start in spring, others in autumn. In the summer, every two years, fantastic life events are organized – the World and European Championships. Football fans don’t have to get bored.

Moreover, do not rest even on New Years’ – Boxing Day in the English Premier League is becoming the main event of the entire season. You can watch the battles almost throughout the entire 24 hours. Late at night, there is an opportunity to watch the MLS matches, early in the morning the championships of Japan and China go into battle, and the very juice begins in the evening. All European national championships and the Champions League begin their meetings.


It may seem that football is the most difficult sport with a huge number of necessary accompanying elements (ball, suitable surface, goal and net, referees). But in fact, even two backpacks are enough for boys on the street.The marking lines are exposed “by eye,” controversial issues are resolved during stormy negotiations – to prove that the ball hit the hand, you will have to try seriously.There is only one obstacle that can stop even the most intense football hack. If the ball owner is called to dinner, the showdown will have to be postponed “until tomorrow.”


And here we are not even talking about mini-football and “beach,” which have long won close attention from the game fans. Over time, innovators began to develop different varieties, which are also very interesting to watch. It got to the point that they play ice football at the North Pole.I want a real tin – there were fans to drive the ball in the swamp. The players are fighting knee-deep in the mud, moving with difficulty around the court and striking. And recently, “soapy” football has become especially popular – athletes have to fight with rivals, gravity, and slippery surfaces.

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