Why is online astrology a better option than the traditional one?

Nothing in the world fills mankind with more anxiety than the thought of the future. The simple reason may be because we cannot see it, and what we cannot see or understand, but know it’s there, and coming can be very intimidating.

Will I get a good job? Will my investments bear good returns? When will I get married? What kind of a husband or a wife will I find? Will there be a nuclear war soon? And so on and so forth. All these questions about the future tend to feed into our insecurities, and the more you think, the more anxious you get. One way to make all this go away would be to just stop thinking, which is more or less impossible, unless one achieves Nirvana, or attains enlightenment. However, the next best thing that one can find in terms of getting some form of semblance to one’s future, and ease our apprehensions towards it would be with the help of an Astrologer.

A bit about Astrology, and Astrologer.

If you google the question, what is astrology? This is the answer that you will get, “astrology is the study of the movements of the celestial bodies, i.e., planets, stars, and how their movements can be interpreted to have an influence on human concerns, and the natural world.”  And the person involved with the study of the movements of the celestial bodies, understanding them, and by making calculations based on their movements and positions can predict the future.

Types of Astrology

Basically, there are two popular forms of astrology that are practised – Traditional and Modern astrology.

The phrase traditional astrology is more or less an all-inclusive phrase for popular types of western astrology that was practised before the mid-19th century. Sometimes also known as ‘classical astrology,’ traditional astrology encompasses the Arabian, mediaeval, renaissance European, and the Hellenistic astrology of the Greeks and the Romans.

Modern Astrology on the other hand can mean different things to different modern astrologers. However, the common cornerstone that forms the foundation of modern astrology is the psychological insight, and the introduction of the use of other planets – Uranus, and Neptune, dwarf planet Pluto, asteroids, and various forms of tech, and computer application software.

Online or modern Astrology v/s Traditional Astrology.

Since the advent of modern astrology, the question of which is better, modern or traditional has been a highly debated subject among astrologers, and astrology enthusiasts. However, come the modern digital age, technology has come to play a big part in tilting the scales a bit towards modern astrology.

Why opt for online Astrology?

The world we live in today, almost everything can be accomplished online. You can work online, shop online, order food online, date online, meet your future husband or wife online, so why not know about your future online, through – My Astrology App, or sites like ‘my astrology.” 

An online astrology portal like – my astrology, will provide you with all the astrological expertise, and assistance that you hope to seek from a professional, and qualified astrologer.  

Benefits of online astrology.

The benefits provided by online Astrology are numerous, all within the comfort of your home. To list a few of those benefits –

  • As long as you have internet service, you can gain access to online astrology anywhere, anytime.
  • With online astrology at your fingertips, the need to find an astrologer in your neighbourhood is no more. Unless, you have a family astrologer, but the chances are by now he, or she might have a website, or an app of their own, catering to the market of astrological needs.
  •   You save time.
  • With online astrology you can avail of a personal horoscope for the year ahead, and beyond.
  • An online astrology platform provides you with a diverse array of services from matching birth charts for marriages, to predicting India v/s Pakistan cricket matches, to giving a student exact indication of whether he/she will pass or fail in a given board exam, all just with a click of a button.

In Conclusion.

The times they are changing, and will go on changing, and the best one can do is keep up with the times. It is a digital age, where one’s thumb has become the most effective, and efficient part of your human anatomy. Imagine using a smartphone without a thumb, you get the suggestion, don’t you? So why not move with the times when it comes to astrology as well. Using an online platform for your astrological requirements is extremely easy, and more importantly safe, and secure, like for example with my astrology app.  Moreover, it is comparatively cheap, and you can do away with things like preparing lunch, setting aside fruits and nuts, whenever you ask an astrologer to visit your house.

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