Why Pacwell Pressure Washer is a Market Favourite in Kenya

Washers have proven to be versatile when used for cleaning. They have made tidiness cheaper and easy. They remove loose paint, mud, dirt and dust from buildings and vehicles. This article will help you know of the important factors you have to consider before buying any of the various Pacwell washers.

You don’t want to mess it up when it comes to choosing the best and ideal pressure washer for your cleaning purposes. You at least want to get something worth splashing your invaluable cash on. You want get something easier and quicker to use and get results, powerful and surely, efficient. Well, here are the few important factors that will hint you right to your desired washer.


If you want a washer that you can move around your store or home, then it should be easy to move around and store. You don’t want to experience pain while cleaning just because you got yourself a heavy, immobile washer. You have to make sure the washer is highly portable by trying it out yourself at the store before you purchase it.

Gas or Electric

Gas powered and electric washers work differently. They have varying speed and strength. Gas powered ones are ideal for cleaning bigger areas and homes, as they are powerful and louder. Electric washers are perfect for cleaning small areas and are quieter. You may consider looking at Pacwell pressure washer price in Kenya to help decide on the suitable one.


Some tasks just need washers with high pressure, for instance cleaning mud from a vehicle. You have to consider the power of the washer before committing to purchase it. Washers state their facts in two ways, either in pounds per square inch (PSI) or in gallons per minute (GPM). The most efficient state is that of Cleaning Units (CU), or simply put, PSI × GPM.


As we all know, all manufacturers always claim their products as having the longest warranty. You have to read the fine print that comes with the washer to find this out. Different warranties cover different parts. You’ll need to get one that covers the essential parts (engine and pump).

Hot Water or Cold Water

Washers clean either by cold water or hot water. Definitely, for a homeowner, you may need a cold water one as it is more portable and less complicated. However, hot water washers clean better and faster, in addition to using less soap. They tend to sanitize perfectly and are great for industrial and farm use, or even for those with a meat locker room at home.


With the few factors I have highlighted in this article, you are sure of getting the ideal pressure washer for your cleaning task at the Pacwell stores. They offer reliable, high pressure capable and water saving washers. They are a recommended and reputable brand that is assured to meet your needs. All you need is to tell them exactly what you need.

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