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There are so many benefits of using Gaana. Apart from the fact that you don’t have to spend a penny for the service, you can also listen to curated playlists of your favorite genres. You can choose from songs from Bollywood movies, oldies, 80’s & 90’s, dance music, sad songs, bhangra, and bhakti geet. You can also listen to podcasts of your favorite music, which will be great for listening during your commute or during your break.

You can download the app for Android or iOS devices and sign up using your mobile number or email address. Once you’ve created your account, you can search for and listen to music on Gaana. You can add songs to your favorites or create playlists based on artists or albums. If you don’t have a smartphone, you can also use the website to listen to music online and offline. You can use Google search to find music on Gaana, or enter a keyword in the search box to find what you want.

The success of Gaana has been fueled by the company’s commitment to regional music. The country’s music consumption habits are highly diverse, with Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam being the most popular. Regional music consumption has increased by 25X over the last two years, an unprecedented rate of growth for any genre. The company has a dedicated team to curate listenable experiences across languages. In addition to regional music, Gaana also features albums from Indie artists.

Apart from being India’s top streaming music app, Gaana also offers podcasts in all popular genres. You can also listen to short videos on the platform. Moreover, you can share these playlists with your friends. Gaana supports all major platforms and operating systems. With a library of 30 million songs in 30 languages, it is estimated that Gaana is the largest music app in the country. Even though the majority of the content on the streaming platform is Hindi-language, other segments have seen rapid growth.

To enjoy unlimited streaming music, you can purchase a Gaana plus subscription. It costs Rs. 399 for a year and gives you access to more than a million songs by popular artists and albums. The subscription allows you to connect up to 5 devices and is ad-free. It also allows you to download music in high definition and has a DRM-free option. Plus, you can download songs in a high quality format to your computer, mobile, and tablet. You can connect up to five devices to your account, which means you can share your playlist with your friends.

While many rivals are targeting India, Gaana is already a household name in the music streaming industry. The music streaming service has been around for a decade, and its user base has grown to over 100 million in 2017. A recent interview with Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal gave insight into Gaana’s journey in the country and its understanding of Indian music. You can listen to the full interview below. YouStory: Gaana CEO Prashan Agarwal discusses the company’s recent milestones and future plans.

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