Your Roofs and Winters

Right now, the weather is really pleasant, but Winter is Coming. As the weather turns cold your house will have to face its difficulties as the temperature drops. If no care is given then the small problems undoubtedly present in a house can become a major headache during the winter and hurt you financially, emotionally, and in some extreme cases, even physical injuries are possible if the damage is extensive enough. So, if you have not been paying attention to your house then it is high time that you do or you might be in a conundrum. According to austin roofing contractors, many people require services during winter but by then it becomes very hard to work due to the cold weather and snow. There are several steps you can take to prepare your roof to face winter and relieve yourself from any possible tension.

Check your Attic/Roof:

The first thing you should check is to ensure that your roof is not leaking. Leaks are the most common damage that a roof takes. Leaks occur when water continues to gather in a crack and as the crack enlarges more water gathers inside. This cycle continues and eventually, water starts to drip inside the house. This can lead to damage to furniture and even the drywalls. This can lead to further costs. Another way that roofs can get damaged is by the accumulation of snow which can cause the roof to sag which can lead to the roof collapsing in some extreme cases. Moreover, this snow can get in cracks, and then it can continuously freeze and thaw eventually leading to leaks and breaks in the roof. Another thing to look out for is small animals that can burrow through your roofs. These small animals can make holes which can again create holes that hold water during rains damaging the roof. The best way to check for all these is to check up in your attic as the first signs of damage often present themselves in the attic before the rest of the house.

Pruning Trees:

It is very important to cut the low-hanging branches of the trees that overhang your house. In the case the winds pick up these very branches can scrape your roof. These can either damage the tiles on your roof or outright break them off. If that happens you are stuck with a leaky roof till the end of winter since not many contractors are active in the winter and even if you get a contractor, the work will take longer due to the snow and cold weather. Long contracts mean more money has to be paid to the contractors. It is also not a pleasant experience to have to wait in a house in the middle of winter when everyone wants to cuddle next to a heater. Home intertainment for Mighty Dog Roofing is the best model in the home.

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Cleaning Gutters:

Having clean gutters so that when it rains is essential during the winter as the mix of rain and snow can quickly clog and block if there are any leaves present in a drain. As the water freezes at night or especially cold days and further blocks the drains. As the water pools on the roof, the water damages the roof as mentioned above.

One might be tempted to DIY the repairs when during winter when the problems happen but due to the sleet present on the roof it can quickly become a dangerous possibly lethal situation for an untrained person. It is easier to ask a professional to do it and it is even easier to ask a professional to do it right now when the weather is favorable.

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